How to Style TOMS Shoes

How I Style My TOMS Shoes |

I’ve wanted a pair of TOMS shoes for over a year, but talked myself out of because of the price tag. Most TOMS run around $54 while my average pair of shoes cost around half of that. A year later, I finally gave in and purchased my first pair of TOMS Classics from Urban Outfitters.

They’re not particularly stylish, but the fact that every other woman is wearing a pair somehow makes it acceptable to wear what would otherwise be considered unattractive footwear. And I can’t help it–I love them! Since they’re so odd looking, they don’t match with anything. Some people might be annoyed by this fact, but I just take it to mean that they match with everything!

How I’ll Style My TOMS Shoes

How to Style TOMS Shoes |

To Work: I work in a casual work environment where TOMS don’t raise eyebrows. I plan on pairing these with some work outfits including my brightly colored skirts for summer. If I was at my old job where the environment was more formal, I would wear these shoes to walk to work and then change later.

Weekend Wear: TOMS are perfect for walking around the city. One obsession I picked up down South is wearing button ups with jean shorts. I think TOMS would paid perfectly with this combo on a hot Boston afternoon.

On the Road: This summer, I plan on going back down to South Carolina and up to Maine as well. TOMS are the perfect travel shoe because they’re versatile and can easily be taken on and off–perfect for long car rides and airport security checks!

And the best part? Laura of For Those About to Shop adds, “They have a wonderful charitable aspect: for every pair you buy, one pair is donated to a child in need. So you’re effectually buying 2 pairs of shoes. A bargain, really.”

Do you have a pair of TOMS? How do YOU wear them? Would you ever buy a pair?

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  • Cindy

    A friend recently gifted me a pair of Tom’s and at first glance thought that they were ugly as sin, but tried them on and love them. Also, the knowledge that they also give a pair to someone in need makes it all feel worthwhile.

    • Courtney

      I love the charity aspect of these shoes! Makes you feel good about wearing them.

      I agree-they are ugly shoes, but OH SO COMFORTABLE!

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  • Patricia Streeter

    I’ve seen TOMs around but wasn’t sure how I felt about them. I like the color and your uses for them are very practical for the summer. I’m glad you can wear them to work. This way you’ll get your money’s worth. Thanks for the tips!

    • Courtney

      You should go try them on! I was on the fence until I tried them and realized they were SO comfortable. They carry them at Urban Outfitters and probably a bunch of other places, too.

  • Jamillah

    Hahahahahahha, I totally take that same approach w/ my TOM’s. Because they don’t really “go” w/ anything they totally go with everything :). Although I think mine are pretty..I have the crocheted lace one in black. Also they are sooooo flippin’ comfortable! Like having a little mattress in your shoe :).

    • Courtney

      I saw those! I thought they were cute! I think I’ll be addicted now that I have a pair. I’m bound to buy another pair!

  • Emily

    Love this collage!! I love my Toms to pieces but am always in need of more ways to wear them!

    • Courtney

      I love mine so far! I’m shocked at how many options they have in terms of styles, not just prints or colors. I think once I wear out my first pair, I’ll branch out to the more “normal” styles!

  • Marissa

    I’ve been thinking of getting a pair now that it’s warm out and they’re supposed to be so comfortable. I’ll let you know if I give in.

    • Courtney

      If you end up buying them in a store rather than online, I thought the Urban Outfitters at Harvard Square had a bigger selection than the one on Newberry!

  • For Those About To Shop

    I’d love to buy a pair of TOMS, too, because they have a wonderful charitable aspect: for every pair you buy, one pair is donated to a child in need. So you’re effectually buying 2 pairs of shoes. A bargain, really.

    • Courtney

      Silly me! I forgot to mention that aspect! I was just so excited to share about them that I forgot to add that. I’ll go back now and do that. It’s wonderful!