The Woman Behind The Blog

I’m Courtney Mirenzi and I’m the resident goofball–I mean, author, of Road Darling.

I started this blog in 2010 under the name Those Graces. To be honest, I picked the name because it was a Tori Amos lyric from Blood Roses and that’s how I picked my first ever domain name in 2002. Over time, I outgrew the domain name, because well, it made no sense other than it was a lyric from a song I liked. I often got weird questions like, “What did you say? Those Races?” and, “Is your name Grace?” No and no.

In 2015 I changed the name of my blog to Road Darling. I’ve had a long time love affair with travel. I left my hometown at 17 to move to New York City, and I didn’t look back. Since then, I’ve traveled internationally, taken at least five road trips across the United States and have had the heart of a true wanderer. So I changed.

The truth is, sometimes I want to stay and sometimes I want to go. No matter how I feel, I see life as a constant adventure whether it’s a hike on a local trail or jumping in my 12 year old car and taking to the road. I believe in living every day to the fullest and doing as many new things as possible. In short, I live my life by the Frank O’Hara quote, “Grace to be born and live as variously as possible.”

Since I started blogging, some people have said I’m quite good at it. In 2012 the Boston Globe featured me as one of seven top Boston bloggers. Metro also named me one of the Top 50 Most Stylish People in Boston. Despite this, I still think my little sisters will always dress cooler than me. That’s just kind of a fact, right?

Thank you for taking time to visit my little corner of the internet world. If you’d like to get in touch with me, please email me at courtney[@]