Teaching My Dress to Dance

I have a confession: I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn a dress that hit my ankles. Most of the occasions were weddings or semi-formals in high school. Someone told me when I was younger that since I was short (5’5″) that I shouldn’t wear long dresses because they would only make me look shorter. Since then, it’s been an uphill battle to undo that ill-learned lesson.

Looking back, there’s a lot of lessons people tried to teach me that I’m still trying to shake. Don’t wear red if you have a zit. Don’t wear open toe shoes after September. Don’t match your shoes to your pocketbook. Slowly as I get older, I’m learning to make and break my own rules. That’s why this fall I plan on wearing long dresses with open toe shoes. Maybe they’ll even match whatever purse I’m carrying. Maybe they won’t. What rules have you set for yourself only to later break?

Next month one of my best friends is getting married, and I plan on wearing this eShakti dress to her wedding with either a cropped blazer or shrug. I haven’t decided which option would suit this dress best yet. I’ve always been a subtle wedding guest, but it’s time to step out of the box. Though the cut is daring, the black and white pattern makes it more subdued. Slowly, I am learning to break even the most engrained fashion “rules.” 

Break Your Own Dress Rules With an eShakti Dress for Every Season

Now through September 30 you can enter to win three dresses from eShakti, an online retailer that specializes in making custom dresses to your exact measurements. The grand winner will get three dresses from eShakti, one for every season.

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Bloggers Participating in the Fashion Blogger Collaboration

Cross Back Chiffon Dress by eShakti is on sale for $47.95 online. The dress was provided for review by eShakti as part of the Fashionista Blogger group hosted by Shelley of Still Blonde After All These Years and Katy of ModlyChic. If you are reading via feed and would like to enter the giveaway, just click over to the post.

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  • Jane Heaton

    I am a baby boomer, and I grew up hearing that your purse and shoes should always match. Now you’re breaking the rules if your purse and shoes match! I have heard the warnings against being too “matchy-matchy”, but I think I’ll continue matching things, since I probably won’t get the message when it’s time to stop mismatching.

    • http://thosegraces.com Courtney

      That’s so funny because when I was growing up, I was told don’t watch them–it was too old fashioned! Now when I match them, I feel all prim and proper, which seems to be breaking the rules amongst my peers (at least where I live). I think some people get it into their heads that everything needs to match, and since I’ve never been like that, it feels like breaking the rules.

  • http://thewellappointedcatwalk.com Marissa

    It’s such a myth that short girls can’t wear long dresses! I should know. :)

  • Elizabeth

    I like the Pleated twill dress.

  • http://www.randomwritings-2.blogspot.com Rachel

    I hadn’t even heard of some of those fashion rules! I mean, not wearing open-toed shoes after September makes sense if it’s cold and your toes will freeze…but if the weather’s warm, why not? And I hadn’t heard either about not wearing long dresses. I like ankle-length dresses, but I rarely wear them, mostly because they seem a little too formal for everyday occasions. I’m 5’5” too, and I don’t consider it short. The worldwide average height for women is 5’4″, last I head, so we’re above average! 😛

  • a marie hj saver

    So many cute things. I really love the dresses. The Marian and night blooming sheath are my faves.

    • http://thosegraces.com Courtney

      I’ll have to check those out! They sound gorge!