I Love Outfit Photos (Blogger Confessions Part Two)


A few months ago I shared my hatred for outfit photos. However, as I’ve moved into working for myself full-time, I’ve started to wear more interesting outfits that I wanted to document. Because, you know, I’m kind of obsessed with documentation. Yet, I was still hesitant to take photos of myself because I didn’t want to go outside and I didn’t want to rely on someone

6 Steps to Perfect Red Lips

Earlier this year I took on the challenge of wearing red lipstick every day. Throughout the experience, a lot of women confided in me that they never tried red lipstick even though they wanted to wear it. Several told me they picked up a tube of red lipstick after reading my blog. It may seem like you could just throw on red lipstick and go,

How Red Lipstick Taught Me to Be Brave


The Red Lipstick Challenge has ended after over a month of wearing red lipstick almost every day. What started off as a fun challenge turned into an enlightening experience of bravery, boldness and self confidence. I didn’t expect that from a simple tube of red lipstick. In fact, I was skeptical if this challenge would change me at all.

What Are You Lookin’ At? Oh, Right My Lips Are Bright Red

Red Lipstick - NYX Pure Red

Week two of my Red Lipstick Challenge brought some unexpected moments. I started off more confident than I was week one, having gotten over my fear of people staring. In the first week, I felt I had to explain myself and why I was wearing such a bold color at nine in the morning. “It’s a blogger thing. You know, like a challenge? I’m doing

Red Lipstick Challenge: It’s Scary, But I Love It

Red Lipstick Day 1

The first week of the Red Lipstick Challenge is complete, but not without fear, hesitancy, and yes, eventually, confidence. The first day I worried people were staring at me as if to ask, “Why are you wearing red lipstick at 8AM?” But as Laura pointed out to me on Twitter, it was probably just me worrying too much. The biggest thing I learned from red