How Young Is Too Young To Wear Makeup?

How Young is Too Young to Wear Makeup? |

A few weeks ago I was browsing products at Sephora. While looking in the Laura Mercier section, I overhead a conversation between two teenage girls. One said, “I heard Nars has a really good foundation. Look at this one.” I turned to look their way and saw both girls had near-perfect skin that didn’t need foundation, let alone one with heavy coverage one. I wanted

Avoiding Thinspiration: My Quest for Healthy Body Image

Growing up, the back of my bedroom door was covered with photos of models and celebrities I had meticulously clipped from Seventeen, Teen Vogue and Elle. While I admired the dresses donned by the various starlets, the bedroom door served a dual darker purpose. I spent hours standing in the mirror trying to figure out how to make my collar bones pop out like Gwyneth Paltrow’s

My Mom’s Style Rules

Advice From My Mother

My mother and I–we don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to fashion. She’s much more classic à la Jackie O., whereas I’m more Mary-Kate Olsen mixed with how Angela Chase might dress like if she were real and in her 20s Despite our differences, my mom taught me two important fashion lessons: 1. If something doesn’t look great on you, it’s the clothes

Race, Body Image and the Conversation Bloggers Should Be Having

If you read IFB’s (Independent Fashion Bloggers) article “Bloggers & Body Image: Are We Helping Or Hurting Ourselves?” by Taylor Davies last week, you may have come away feeling hurt and confused. That’s how I felt. Davies writes: The majority of very visible, successful style bloggers are thin and beautiful – which isn’t their fault of course, nor should they be chastised for it .

4 Ways to Foster Positive Body Image

I reached out to readers and asked them to share advice on how to encourage positive body image. As part of an ongoing discussing on body image, I compiled a list of 4 ways to improve and encourage positive body image. Tips for Encouraging Positive Body Image Realize that most images in the media are doctored or photoshopped. Think someone in a makeup ad or