Spring Wedding Wear: Save Your Sanity and Your Budget

With spring wedding season right around the corner, I’m sure a lot of you are starting to look for what to wear. Choosing the perfect outfit to wear to a bachelorette party, shower and wedding can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be that way! I’ll be sharing some simple tips with you on how to stay on budget and find what you’re looking for without going crazy.

Evaluate Your Closet

A wedding is a good excuse to buy a few new outfits, but before you run to the store, figure out what’s already in your closet. Especially if it’s not in your budget to buy a new dress, wearing something you already have can be a great option especially if you’d rather spend your money on accessories or shoes. If your clothes are packed away for the season, it may be time to dig them out and evaluate, because, if you’re anything like me, you probably forget what you have the second you store it away.

Start Early

Waiting until the week before a wedding event to find the perfect dress and matching accessories will kill your budget, drive you crazy or both. Starting early will give you the biggest amount of freedom when it comes to choosing what to wear. How early is “early”? Well, I usually looking for dresses about four or five months in advance, because on average it takes me at least two months or more to find something I like in my price range.

By starting early, you give yourself enough time to explore all your options and pull together your look without having to compromise on what you want and how much you’re willing to pay. If you’re going to multiple events for the same wedding, you can tie all the looks together using a color story, type of accessory or the way you wear your hair. These are all details that can’t be rushed the week before.

Expect the Unexpected

Wedding Outfit

While shopping for a dress to wear to my friend Ryann’s wedding in May, I ranted to my friend, Nikki, about how much I hated high cut necklines. I was determined to find something that showed off a little skin on top (without being scandalous, of course). However, when I happened upon a gorgeous high cut, blush pink lace dress at TJ Maxx, I had to try it on, and much to my chagrin, I loved it! No matter what the occasion, always try styles you think you will dislike.

Buy Multiple Options

Since I shop at discount stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls, if I see a dress I like, I snag it the second I see it. With department stores or really any store with changing stock, you can’t always count on the dress being there when you finally make up your mind. If you decide to wear something else, just keep the tags on and hang onto your receipt so you can return it. Same rule goes for online shopping.

These are just my tips for staying sane and on budget while shopping for your next wedding. Do you usually stress out when it comes time to pull together a new outfit? What do you do to save your budget and your sanity?

  • Emilie

    I’m glad you’re doing this series! I’ve been invited to four weddings between now and August and could use the advice. One of them is an outdoor wedding in April. Any insights into what to wear for those in-between weather months? I’d like to wear a spring-y dress but I also know it might get chilly or rain. Also, is April too early to wear sandals to an outdoor wedding? What about stockings – yay or nay? You can see I have a lot of questions.

    • http://thosegraces.com Courtney

      I’ve done a few of these posts in the past that might be helpful to you (I’m not sure if you’ve seen them yet!):


      Those are just a few, but I’m sure I’ll write more this wedding season (it’s an addiction, writing about what to wear to weddings!)

      >>Any insights into what to wear for those in-between weather months?< < Will it be inside at any point? I think planning to layer is the key. You can always buy a dress and then plan to wear a cardigan and tights if it gets cold (you never know!). Or if the weather is more warm around then, just ditch the tights. In between weather is so hard to plan for. >> Also, is April too early to wear sandals to an outdoor wedding?< < I think it depends on if it rains or not. You don't want your feet to be cold! If it's a nice day and you'd be comfortable in sandals, I don't see why not especially since it's outdoors. I think sandals in April are perfectly acceptable. >>What about stockings – yay or nay?<< I think you should plan to wear them IF it’s cold. I don’t think it’d be very fun to be freezing, so if it makes you feel comfortable, you plan your outfit with AND without them in case of last minute weather changes.

  • http://chicbeautytips.com Marisa Anderson

    Wow thank you for all the great tips! Really liked the tip about getting many options to chose from and keeping the receipts. That is such a wonderful tip!

    • http://thosegraces.com Courtney

      I did this the last wedding I went to! I bought a dress and then found *the* perfect one a week later, so I just returned the one I chose not to wear.