Red Lipstick Challenge: It’s Scary, But I Love It

The first week of the Red Lipstick Challenge is complete, but not without fear, hesitancy, and yes, eventually, confidence. The first day I worried people were staring at me as if to ask, “Why are you wearing red lipstick at 8AM?” But as Laura pointed out to me on Twitter, it was probably just me worrying too much. The biggest thing I learned from red lipstick this week: Heads will turn. Maybe in good ways. Maybe in bad.

I realized it didn’t matter why people’s heads were turning, because wearing red lipstick actually made me feel more confident. I caught myself on the first day looking in the mirror almost not recognizing myself. OK, that probably had something to do with the fact that I also dyed my hair a deep chocolate brown the day before I decided to start wearing red lipstick. That aside, red lipstick made me feel pretty in a way most makeup can’t. There are very few products out there that possess the immediate transformative nature of a red (or any bold colored) lipstick.

Lipsticks Tried Week One (A Mini Review)

NYX Round Lipsticks in Pure Red and Electra: Pictured on Day 1 & Day 2 (first two photos). I love these lipsticks, but don’t bother asking me which color is which since the labels are on the lids and I’ve mixed them up at least three times. Moving on, NYX Round Lipsticks are really easy to work with since they are very creamy. If you’re prone to chapped lips, definitely check these out.

MAC Russian Red: Pictured on Day 3 & Day 4. Ah, one of the classic neutral reds! There’s only one thing about this lipstick that I do not like, which is the fact that it dries out my lips since it’s a matte formula. I definitely recommend wearing some sort of balm underneath if your prone to chapped lips. I also found it worked better with a red lipliner versus a clear lipliner or no lipliner at all.

(If you are interested in more in depth reviews of these lipsticks, let me know and I’ll definitely consider writing more!)

Have a Great Holiday!

This is my last post before jetting off for Thanksgiving. If you’re in the US, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your friends and family! Talk to you all next week! Also, are you following me on Twitter? If not you should! Because 1) I love Twitter and 2) If you follow me, you’ll basically see all these looks in advance since I do Face of the Day photos!

  • The Boston Fashionista

    I LOVE red lipstick. Though it is so hard to find the perfect shade – trial and error is key!

    • Courtney

      It’s so hard to objectively find the right shade! They all seem so similar to me. Any tips?

  • Heidi/The Closet Coach

    It’s Red Lipstick Day! Une Femme was just writing about it as well:

    My fave is Clinique Angel Red. It’s a lovely translucent red: not too bright.

    • Courtney

      Ooo thanks for the link!

      I’ll check out that Clinique color next time I’m at their counter!

  • Laura S

    Heads turned in a good way, trust me ;).
    I don’t know if it’s that it’s a really good picture because of the soft light and everything, but the red lipstick looks FAB in the first picture, I love that shade on you! :) But ooooh I love creamy lipsticks, I’ll be sure to check out NYX! I also really recommend Body Shop for their lipsticks, they have pretty good staying power considering the price ($13, I think? Maybe $14?) and they don’t make my lips too chapped (and I have pretty chapped lips). I don’t forget the name of the one I have (I seem to remember one of the two I have is #53 or something, and the other one I have is fuschia, so if you see a red 53 or maybe 58 or something, it’s the one I have). Also, the Body Shop doesn’t test on animals, which is pretty much make or break for me except for very specific cases like dandruff shampoo (ugh why is there no dandruff shampoo by an animal cruelty-free brand?!), and they’re pretty organic compared to other drugstore brands.
    Let me know how the rest of the challenge goes!
    – Laura
    (And aw, it’s sweet of you to link back to me, thanks. :) )
    Oh, and happy Thanksgiving! :)

    • Courtney

      Thanks girl!

      The NYX lipsticks are great and the right price too! Most are under $5. I won’t compare them to MAC quality, but I think for drugstore quality, they’re totally great! I wear them like every other day now. I’ll definitely check out the Body Shop recommendations you made!