Lessons From My First Week of Daily Blogging

I’m a week into my Road Darling Year and I’ve already learned a few lessons. Mostly that committing to blogging on a daily basis was a bit crazy, especially given that I previously posted 3 to 4 times a month. The last time I posted every day was in 2011 when I started a beauty blog. Rest in peace Beauty Shy and all my beauty blogging ambitions.

Overall I’m excited about this project, especially since it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I began blogging five years ago. I think it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a “dream” but it definitely was an ambition, or at the very least something I wrote down a list of things I wanted to do one day. Looking back I think bloggers like Marisa from A New Dress A Day definitely planted the seed for the idea.

There’s lots of people out there who think blogging every day is too much. There’s tons of arguments about post frequency and length. Honestly, I don’t care about any of it. Part of me is doing this because I miss how blogging used to feel before it was a thing. Back when people shared stories without worrying about clicks and pageviews. YAWN! Who cares? I know readers don’t, so why should bloggers?

So far it’s been fairly easy to come up with things to write about, but today it got a little difficult. This coming week I plan on having some sort of schedule, because writing about writing is not a feasible fall back plan every time I run into a bind of, “Ahhhh! What do I write about next?!”

I also acknowledge fudging the “daily” part. Do I post every day? Yes. Has it always been posted before the clock strikes midnight? Nope. However with a little clicking, that issue is quickly fixed. Thanks, WordPress! Though it’s nearly 1 AM, I do have a good excuse for not posting before midnight today. I have a brand new foster dog that has temporarily turned my home upside down. More on him later, I’m sure.

Well, the dog has to go out to the bathroom now so I guess that’s all for today!

Best Audrey Hepburn Makeup Tutorials

With Halloween right around the corner, you might be contemplating an Audrey Hepburn themed costume. It’s easy enough to dress like Audrey from, say, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but maybe you’re a bit lost when it comes to getting that classic Audrey makeup look. Fear not! I’ve done the research to let you get it just right.

Audrey’s makeup, by and large, was predominantly classic 1950s and 1960s style. Her looks featured a bold lip with what would be come the classic cat eye. Her foundation wasn’t ever overdone, like we’re used to seeing today. Rather the skin was left more natural.

Lisa Eldridge’s Audrey Hepburn Makeup Tutorials

When it comes to learning about makeup in general, there is no better online teacher than Lisa Eldridge, who is a celebrity makeup artist and master YouTuber. Her looks are impeccable. And, lucky us! She’s done not one but TWO Audrey Hepburn themed tutorials. There are tons more on YouTube, but Lisa is the only person I trust to get it right. She’s not only a makeup artist, but also somewhat of a makeup historian, so this is as close and you’re going to get to the actual look without the brouhaha of modern makeup. I highly recommend both of these tutorials not just for Halloween, but for every day life!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Themed Makeup Tutorial

For the exact products used in Lisa’s video, you can visit the direct link to the video on YouTube. The product list is fairly long, so the best way to get the exact look is to see what Lisa used in her video. You don’t necessarily have to buy the exact thing. You might already have something super similar!

Audrey Hepburn 1950s Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Again, visit the link for the exact products Lisa used!

Happy Halloweening!


Yes, I Like Coloring Books for Adults


Coloring Books for Adults | Road DarlingEarlier this year, The New York Times officially proclaimed that coloring books for adults were a thing.  Usually I roll my eyes at trends that seem to be aimed directly at hipsters, but this time I fell for it. I bought my first coloring book ever–The Time Garden by Daria Song. At first I was super into it, but I have to say that my enthusiasm has since worn down. I maybe color once or twice a week.

For me coloring is similar to doing puzzles. It’s a time to turn off my brain and focus solely on the seemingly meaningless task at hand. Though I mentioned before that I took an art class in college, I don’t really keep up with my artistic pursuits outside the infrequent collages and snaps of the camera. OK, yet, photography is, of course, art. However, there’s something to be said for having an artistic outlet right in front of you. It feels kind of silly to say that about a coloring book, but that’s basically what it amounts to at the end of the day. Maybe that’s why paint by number painting parties for adults were so popular a few years ago.

In our increasingly digital world, I guess a lot of us still have a need to have something in front of us.

You can find coloring books for adults (or kids, whatever!) at Barnes & Noble and Michael’s. Probably other places, too, but this is just where I’ve seen them lately. Most are priced between $9 – $15.

Austin Loves Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy | Road DarlingI’ll be entirely honest in saying that I very little interest currently in home decorating. That’s probably the worst way to start out a post about a party for Apartment Therapy, but it’s the truth! Sure, I’m interested in hanging things on the wall or tinkering with what’s on my nightstand. I care if stuff looks good where it is, but as a whole, I don’t really care about rooms a whole. This is probably due to lack of space or too much stuff or budget.

However, whenever Melissa invites me somewhere cool, I almost always go! That girl knows what’s what. That’s how I found myself at a party for Apartment Therapy earlier this week.

In case you’ve never googled anything home-related, Apartment Therapy is pretty much the be all, end all site for home improvement. Their team is currently road tripping in a van as they make over America. They’ve selected one person in cities across the US and are making over one room in their home with the help of Wayfair.

Melissa put together a party to celebrate Apartment Therapy’s trip and their second book. She did an amazing job and it was one of coolest blogger events I’ve ever been to. It was held at Mockingbird Domestics, which has the nicest ever. One day when I’m making the big bucks, I’m going to go back and buy something cool there. For now I’ll just enjoy the party.

(The cupcakes from Skull and Cakebones were so damn photogenic! Their team was so nice!)

Me and Sarah Florence

Save Sarah Lawrence Florence | Road Darling

A photo from a class trip to Venice, Italy

Today I spent a good chunk of time rallying support around saving Sarah Lawrence’s study abroad program in Florence. I did something I’ve never done, I started a petition on Change.org, and over the course of nine hours over 400 signatures poured in from around the country. There were names I hadn’t seen in a decade from former professors to classmates. My heart felt so full that so many people felt the way I did about my beloved study abroad program.

I recognize the perils of modern activism, which is why I’m working to figure out what to do next with the support we have for saving the program.

I have so many feelings in this moment. I’m energized and feeling valiant yet I’m also sad. For me, my study abroad experience changed my life. Though it was almost a decade ago now, I still find myself reflecting on my time there and the lessons I learned. It was all just so invaluable. It ignited my love for travel, which set me down a lifelong path of self discovery through travel.

Having come from a middle class background, growing up travel was always something limited to to the East coast. We always had nice vacations, but European vacations were unachievable pipe dreams. My study abroad experience opened up a world to me that was out of reach. I would have never been able to travel to Europe without the support of my college. I recognized that at the time and took in every experience.

I was so grateful. Just so immensely grateful for everything I learned during my time in Florence. To say it changed my life is an understatement. It totally changed who I was and set the course for who I would become.

Sarah Lawrence’s program is so unique. I had a lot of friends who studied abroad, but none of their experiences were like mine. While they were living in dorms and avoiding the language of their host country, I was living with a family and speaking Italian, albeit on the level of a second grader.

I pushed myself to try new things in Florence. I took an art class under the world renowned artist Swietlan Nicholas Kraczyna. I got to know him and we all ate lunch at his house. We worked in his studio. I made handmade prints of my own art on his printing press.

I feel like my heart is so full reflecting on my time in Florence. My study abroad experience has never ever been something I’ve taken for granted, and the thought that other students would not get to experience this is so incredibly heartbreaking. The program has existed for 30 years and now is under duress due to budget cuts. It’s so short sighted, and frankly, foolish to cut this program. I am so disappointed and will do all I can to work to save it.

I know most of you reading this probably didn’t go to school with me, but if you value travel and education, I hope you consider signing the petition as well.