Makeup I Love and Hate

Pixi Lip Palette

This year, I became more interested in makeup and expanded my knowledge by watching YouTube videos and reading Makeup Manual, Making Faces, Face Forward and Make-Up Masterclass. I’ve come across some products I love, and, well, others I love to hate. Makeup I Love Pixi Lumi Lux Lip Palette (similar) I received this lip palette as a birthday gift over a year ago and loved

Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Traveling is an important part of my life and I’ve found ways to do it despite my dwindling supply of cash. I’ll share some of the ways I make travel work on a budget. How To Pay? Savings Save every month and view your savings as your private credit card account as well as emergency fund. For a recent trip, I used my savings to

Grateful for My Blog

December marks the six month anniversary of this blog. There have been many ups and downs and times when I just wanted to press the delete button. As a blogger writing predominantly about (budget) fashion and beauty, I think I got burnt out. My New Year’s resolution for this blog is to sit back, have fun and be myself. But before doing that, let’s look

Don’t Clean Out Your Closet

Dita Von Teese on Twitter

Don’t fall victim to the temptation to purge your closets. I used to do this on a monthly basis, donating clothes left and right. And it wasn’t because they didn’t fit. It was because I hadn’t worn it in a long time or because I thought I didn’t like it. Most people ask themselves, “Do I like this? Does it look good?” If the answer

Why I’m Happy Being Thin

As the New Year approaches, the number of magazine articles, blog posts, TV reports and conversations about weight loss will skyrocket as it does every year. We’ll hear about the eternal debate of “Will being thin REALLY make you happy?” This question is really asked rhetorically and people almost always assume the answer is a resounding “No.” The truth is–being thinner has made me happier.