Cheap Girl’s Guide to Closet Organization

Closet Organization

Upon returning home from vacation, I found my closet in a state of total disrepair. Bike rack shoved into the corner. Toilet paper rolls on the floor. Mismatched shoes. Pillowcases. Quelle nightmare! With such little storage space in my home, my closet transformed from an ultra-organized refuge to a linen closet mixed with a garage. When I stumbled on an article on closet organization by Kendi

Wear Your Clothes Until You’re Sick of Them

Ann Taylor Loft Cardigan

I am a sweater abuser. I find one I love and wear it constantly until I get sick of it. I’m officially “over” this cardigan, but I can’t say I didn’t see it coming–my love for this sweater has been as strong since my fianc√© accidentally shrunk it in the dryer a few weeks ago. This was my New Year’s Eve outfit, which was very

11 Tips for Staying Healthy After the Holidays

After the major winter holidays pass, the marketing for losing weight swings into full force. I can’t turn on the TV, open a magazine or even clip coupons without seeing advertisements promoting weight loss. Though I consider myself a person with a healthy weight and a nutritious diet, weight loss has weighed heavily on my mind in the post-holiday. My Biggest Shock . . .

4 Tips for Buying Designer Makeup on a Drugstore Budget

Most of us adore the cosmetic isles at the drugstore. Those isles carry our staples: lipliner, mascara, foundation and more. But what happens when our eye begins to wander towards the makeup counter in the fancy department store? In this post, you’ll learn how to afford your favorite designer makeup on a shoestring budget. Join an Online Makeup Community Active makeup communities like Makeup Alley

Repeating the Same Outfits Around the Holidays

Christmas Outfit

I have a confession: I am an outfit repeater. I’m no movie star with a personal stylist so when I find a formula that works, I stick with it. Enter: Little Black Dress (LBD) and Long Sparkly Cardigan. Look familiar? This is a play on the outfit I wore to my childhood best friend’s wedding in October. I’ll be honest and say that afterall the