6 Ways to Serve Your Community by Volunteering


In the 7th grade, we were asked to write an essay on who was our hero. I remember standing around at the back of the classroom when my friend, an African American girl, asked me who I wrote about. I told her Dr. King was my hero. She looked at me and said, “I wrote about him, too.” That moment has stuck with me for

How to Use Paint Brushes as Makeup Brushes


What’s a cheap girl to do when it comes down to dropping $20 on a single MAC brush? Listen, I know they’re the best but I also know I can purchase close to ten (with a discount) paint brushes for makeup application. This is exactly what I did in September. So what did I learn? Keep reading to find out if it’s worth it to

My Retro Cardigan Love


If you haven’t noticed already, I am a sweater addict. I wear my favorite cardigans relentlessly until they almost fall apart–some sooner than others. When I first laid my eyes on my new obsession, a mid-thigh length navy blue cardigan from L.L. Bean, I knew it was love. I found it hidden in the cardigan isle at the local Salvation Army and nabbed it for

Fool Proof Smoky Eye Look


Yesterday we were “snowed” in, meaning it snowed about, oh, four inches. Growing up in the mountainous North, I roll my eyes whenever this happens though I can’t lie: I love a good snow day! The Brush Up I decided to spend part of my day brushing up on makeup techniques. Though I know more than I did a year ago, I still consider myself

Blogging Advice from Ira Glass of This American Life

There’s a constant cloud hanging over bloggers who file their work under “fashion” and “beauty”: The Pressure to Measure Up. Everywhere we turn, there’s a blogger getting a book deal or another one starting a magazine. While we may be happy for these highly talented men and women, some feel inadequate. I won’t lie–if this blog were a book, it would have been ripped to