Shop Road Darling is Here!

Shop Road Darling

There’s been radio silence on my blog and for a good reason–my shop is now officially up!

I’ve worked so hard on it for the past two and a half weeks, getting it just right. Most of that work was trying to decide what platform was the best for me. I settled on Shopify because it was the most user-friendly, least buggy and most intuitive. You win, Shopify!

So what’s in the shop? Well, I’m just getting started on building up the inventory but right now I have some great vintage pieces, including the broach featured in this post. I also have colorful dresses for spring and summer as well as jackets for when it gets cold at night.

I’m so proud of myself that the shop if FINALLY done. It’s hard getting something started totally on your own. It can feel very isolating. I could’ve quit and said, “I’ll just stay on eBay forever.” (I’m still there, by the way.) I had a ton of setbacks. I could’ve looked at the whole process as a waste of time. Maybe it took a week longer than it should have, but I learned a lot along the way. But that’s all for another post on another day. Maybe I’ll bring back Tech Tuesday.

Right now I’m just ready to hit the ground running. Again. So swing by the shop and let me know what you think!

Ode to My Boots

Ode to My Boots | Road Darling

I’ll be honest–most of my wardrobe at this point has its origins in a Goodwill bin or on a thrift store rack. I very, very rarely buy something brand new, and what I do have that’s new is usually from my mom. Though she instilled in my a deep love for bargain hunting, she for some reason hates that I bargain hunt. It’s a mystery I’m still trying to figure out. Anyway, I digress. These boots! I dug these leather Halogen boots out of a bin at Goodwill Outlet in Austin. They came already broken in and fit my feet perfectly. They soon became my work horse for all seasons.

I’ve put them through hell, wearing them through this past Texas “winter” paired with skirts, jeans and dresses. At Texas Style Council, I wore them pretty much non-stop even in the rain and mud. After all, leather boots are supposed to work for you, as Jesse reassured me. Eventually I’m sure I’ll clean them, but probably not anytime soon.

The best part about these boots is that they’re not suffocating, meaning I can probably wear them into spring and summer. One of the things I love about Texas is that you can wear boots with a dress and go about your day non-ironically. Plus they’re super comfortable.

I’ve said this about many an item I’ve found at Goodwill, but these are truly the best things I’ve ever dug out of a bin.

Boots, Boots, Boots!

Unfortunately I can’t tell you to go find these boots since, you know, they came from a bin. But here are some new options that are fortunately easier to find.


Minnetonka: More than Moccasins

Minnetonka: More than Just Moccasins | Road Darling

Monaco Sandals, Lainey WedgeAshley Wedge, Isabel Wedge,

Minnetonka’s moccasins are the only shoe I’ve ever bought twice. I got my first pair of brown suede moccasins in college about ten years ago, and I wore them into the ground. They were super comfortable, matched with shorts, jeans and certain skirts and dresses. They were some kind of magical. Last year I remembered my love for Minnetonka’s moccasins and repurchased a pair, wanting something I could slip on and head out the door. They’re pretty much the perfect shoe if you’re not a fan of sneakers and if it’s too cold for sandals.

Since my first purchase, I’ve known Minnetonka mostly as the moccasin company since that’s primarily what you see from the brand in stores like DSW. Despite being the millennial that I am, I prefer to do most of my shoe shopping in actual brick and mortar stores. Fortunately or unfortunately, this leads to me missing out on a lot of new styles.

Minnetonka was one of the sponsors of Texas Style Council, and when I stopped by their table, I was rather shocked at the variety of shoes they offered. And boy has the brand has grown up! I was pretty surprised to see all the different styles from wedges to sandals and even brightly colored moccasins (limited edition!). Since I’ve always loved Minnetonka, I wanted to share that the brand is a whole lot more than just moccasins. You can visit their site to see more styles.

5 Reasons Why I’m Against the X-files Reboot

5 Reasons Agains The X-files Reboot | Road Darling

For years fans of “The X-Files” have speculated about a potential reboot. Many , myself included, have read way too deep into interviews and Ask Me Anythings. But finally it’s here! A reboot! Excited? Not me, and here’s why.

1. I Hate You, Fox

My main problem with the reboot is Fox, the original network behind the series. Having grown up in the 2000s, I have a bad taste in my mouth from Fox cancelling just about everything new. They’re certainly not the only network to do this, but they’re certainly a main offender. I also hated that “The X-files” was on Fox. I never watched the network for anything else, and it always struck me as very clueless and trashy. My dislike of Fox isn’t rational, but my intuition tells me that they’re really going to mess up “The X-files” reboot.

2. “The X-files” Ran Too Long As it Was

“The X-files” wrapped up with nine seasons and two movies to its name. The writing, acting and story peaked in season five before the first movie. As a longtime fan, I believe the show should’ve ended with six seasons. Instead fans had to endure David Duchovny leaving and being replaced by a cast of useless characters. Yet I watched because . . . FANDOM! I spent the last three seasons of the show scratching my head and asking, “Why?!”

3. I Don’t Want Mulder and Scully to Get It In On Screen

The most Mulder and Scully ever did on screen was kiss. As you can imagine, this has been an ongoing fan complaint since season one. I mean, the stork brought baby William, right? It’s monumental that such a popular show never featured its main characters getting it in despite the fact that they did have baby together. The show was created and aired a certain time where sex on T.V. wasn’t that common, and to come back and put it in, so to speak, would be a mistake.

4. David Duchovny is a Scumbag

When I was younger I LOVED David Duchovny, but after watching his real life drama play out, I’ve come to realized that Duchovny is more like his “Californication” character, Hank Moody, than he’s like Fox Mulder. This doesn’t change the fact that he’s a good actor, but it affects how I view his work. I don’t like how long he strung along Téa Leoni and basically wrecked her career. This inevitably affects how I feel about the reboot.

5. What Can They Do That Hasn’t Already Been Done?

My fifth and final reason why I don’t want this reboot is because it’s all basically been done before. The show ran for 202 episodes and featured two full-length movies. Sure, when “The X-files” premiered in 1993, it was groundbreaking. The writing was good and the right amount of scary. It pushed boundaries and put geeky women on the map (thank you, Gillian Anderson). What’s the point in rebooting it now? We have countless sci-fi shows and 153+ hours of “The X-files.” I don’t think anything they could do would be innovative or groundbreaking.

We should let the series live in our cultural memory as it is, not as how we wanted it to be.

Welcome to the New Road Darling

Introducing Road Darling |

After attending Texas Style Council last weekend, I returned home with renewed energy about blogging. Through the sessions I attended, I reflected a lot on my blog and what kind of online home wanted to build for myself (and for you, too!). Perhaps a bit sadly, I realized Those Graces no longer fit me because it didn’t reflect where I was going. Truth be told, I picked the domain name almost five (!) years ago based on a Tori Amos lyric from her song Blood Roses. It didn’t really mean anything other than I liked the way it sounded and I liked Tori Amos. I was always hesitant to pick something specific in terms of a name, because in my heart, I knew I didn’t really want to write about fashion or beauty forever.

So how did Road Darling come to be? Last summer, I abandoned my original Instagram account, which felt stagnant and not well thought out. In its place, I created @RoadDarling. When I was discussing a potential name change with  my friend Melissa, who’s also a blogger at Shoestring, she suggested I change my blog name to match my Instagram name. And so was born.

My interests have changed throughout my life, probably just like everyone else. And that goes for blogging. Over five years, I’ve written about everything from diversity in makeup to road trips and just about everything in between. Though my interests have changed, one thing has remained the same: My thirst for adventure. Whether that means wearing red lipstick on the daily or traveling, I do my best to view life as one long, lovely adventure. I’m very much a believer in doing things that scare me. Sometimes I go big and plan solo road trips. Other times I honestly just want to stay home. At the end of the day, both are courageous decisions in their own way.

All the old content is still here, the name has changed and so has the layout. I expect the content to stay relatively the same, but I will use the new look and feel to guide me along my way. I hope you stick around for the ride!