5 Reasons Why I’m Against the X-files Reboot

5 Reasons Agains The X-files Reboot | Road Darling

For years fans of “The X-Files” have speculated about a potential reboot. Many , myself included, have read way too deep into interviews and Ask Me Anythings. But finally it’s here! A reboot! Excited? Not me, and here’s why. 1. I Hate You, Fox My main problem with the reboot is Fox, the original network behind the series. Having grown up in the 2000s, I

Welcome to the New Road Darling

Introducing Road Darling | RoadDarling.com

After attending Texas Style Council last weekend, I returned home with renewed energy about blogging. Through the sessions I attended, I reflected a lot on my blog and what kind of online home wanted to build for myself (and for you, too!). Perhaps a bit sadly, I realized Those Graces no longer fit me because it didn’t reflect where I was going. Truth be told,

#DearMe: Be Brave (Happy International Women’s Day)

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Happy International Women’s Day! Across the globe people are celebrating the accomplishments of women. As part of today, YouTube put together #DearMe asked women to create videos that featured advice they’d give to them past selves. This is my take on it. Here’s what I say in the video in case you can’t watch it or videos just aren’t your thing: Dear me, which is

Best Lips at the Oscars (2015)

Best Oscar Lips 2015 | ThoseGraces.com

After five hours of watching the 2015 Oscars, I had to admit that I came away with a, “What was this all for?!” feeling. If you follow me on Twitter (and you should!), then you already know I was let down by the show. However, I decided to take my five hours of disappointment and turn it into something positive–a quick look at my favorite

My Golden Rule for Thrifting

My Golden Rule for Thrifting | ThoseGraces.com

items available in my online shop Thrifitng is a huge part of my life, so much so that I’ve even turned it into a business. I started thrifting in high school and often came home with vintage scarfs and shawls, much to my mother’s dismay. After I graduated college, I combed the thrift store to find wear-to-work pieces. Today I thrift just about everything, from