How to plan road trip stops

Savannah -

With my road trip coming up, I wanted to share about how I plan a 1-2 day trip to a specific city or town. Exploring a new place can be daunting. There’s so much to do, whether it’s a big city or small little town. I’ll walk you through my process to make it a little easier. Step 1: Before you start, decide how to

How to Start Planning a Long Distance U.S. Road Trip

I set out on my road trip on Sunday! Having done my fair amount of road tripping over the past seven years, I can say with confidence that planning is often the most daunting task, so I wanted to share some tips. While I wish I could say that this advice applicable to other countries, I don’t know that for certain since I’ve only done

[Almost] On the Road Again

I’m excited to share that I’ll be embarking on a solo cross country-ish trip from Texas to Pennsylvania and back. This will be my first fun road trip in two years. I’ve done a lot of driving since my last one, but it was mostly for the purpose of moving. While those trips weren’t the worst experiences, I can’t say it was fun to move

Young and Divorced (Legally Breaking Up is Hard to Do)

Young and Divorced

I’ve been putting this post off for a year now. I know that I’m under no obligation to talk about my divorce, but I know writing this post will make me feel better. I hope it will make other people going through the same thing feel better. I’m guessing few people write about divorce because divorce sucks. Weddings are pretty and their antithesis is horrid.

Blogging, Vulnerability and Taking Chances

Road Darling

I think a lot about blogging, because I’m geeky like that. For a long time, I told myself I wouldn’t write about blogging because it was redundant. Like, “Hello, I’m a blogger who writes about blogging on a blog.” However, I’ve realized something–a lot of creative people experience what I do with blogging. They have the same hopes, dreams and fears. OK, mostly we all