Natural Looking Eyelashes With Mascara

Mascara is a tricky thing to apply in a flattering and natural way. My philosophy is less is more when it comes to the lengthening product. Here’s how I apply mascara in a way that doesn’t make my eyelashes look false or unnatural.

What You’ll Need

Natural Eye

Clear Mascara (e.l.f. Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara for $1 ) Black or Brown Mascara (NYX Doll Eye Mascara for $9 c/o NYX) and Lash Comb (e.l.f. Eyelash & Brow Wand for $1)

A variation is to curl your lashes first. While I like the look of a curled lash, I’ve had experience with lash breakage as a result of curling. So if you choose to curl, be careful! Some people swear by curling. Me? Not so much. (Video by Xteener on how to curl your lashes.)

The Steps

Apply clear mascara. You have two options:

1) Apply clear mascara to your entire lash. If you choose this method, do one eye at a time. Then proceed to step two before the clear mascara dries. While it doesn’t necessarily look like mascara, once it dries it will feel like mascara so move quick.

2) Apply clear mascara to about half your eyelash measured from root to about half way to the tip. Then apply black mascara only to the tips where you have not applied clear mascara.

Apply black or brown mascara to the tips of of your lashes.

Step Three: Comb your lashes with your lash brush until you obtain a natural look that isn’t clumpy.

(My photo for this wasn’t very good and I only took one!)

That’s it! You’re finished and now you have a natural looking eye with mascara. Once you’re done, always look at your makeup from far away so you can tell how it really looks. No one is ever going to be up in your eye except an optometrist or makeup artist.

What are you mascara tricks?

(Please note: NYX Doll Eye Mascara given for review and is my opinion as always. Please visit my policy page for for more information.)


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    I find that certain formulas give me really great natural lashes. My favorite is the Josie Maran volumizing mascara. It has Argan oil in it, so it nourishes and gives me nice, natural definition. I never thought of the effects of an eyelash curler on my lashes. I don’t use mine all the time, but if I ever notice breakage, I’ll definitely stop using it.

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      I think when the curler broke my eyelashes, it was mostly my fault but it’s still a tribute to the dangers of curling! I curl them probably once a week if that.

      I’ll have to check out that Josie Maran mascara next time I need new mascara!

  2. 18


    I’ve never used clear mascara though that makes sense to do that first! Though I don’t regularly comb my lashes, I do use a clean mascara want to comb out clumps should they arise!

    Great post Courtney! :)

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      That’s girl! It’s definitely not a eyelash primer, but I like it so it doesn’t make my eyelashes overly dramatic on days when I want them to look natural. Check out e.l.f’s clear mascara next time you are in Target or K-Mart. It’s $1 so you can’t go wrong.

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    Clever!! I love that idea with the clear mascara, its pretty genius. I love mascara but I hate clumpy looking lashes, Ill have to give it a go (after I purchase some clear mascara)
    ps I gave you a stylish blogger award on my blog today… x

    • 21


      I saw that and was so excited!

      You should try it out! It defines lashes but may not always make them look longer. I like using it because I have really long dark lashes so sometimes I want definition and not height.


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