The High Heel Challenge

High Heel Collection

You know that old adage, “You wear 20% of your clothing 80% of the time”? That’s definitely me when it comes to my shoes. Every day I pass over my beautiful heels and wedges and choose the same old flats. That ends now with The High Heel Challenge. For the next 30 days, I’ll be wearing high heels five times a week.

In the September issue of Glamour, I ran across an interview with stylist Rachel Zoe, who said getting dressed should be a head to toe experience. I realized I was completely disregarding the “toe” of my outfit and left my 11 pairs of heels totally untouched.

When I was in high school, I had a huge collection of shoes and purses. Over the years my purse collection has gotten smaller, and up until recently, I believed my shoe collection shrunk as well. However, when I lined up all my beautiful pairs of heels and wedges, I realized I was still in love with shoes.

Since then, I’ve felt held back when it comes to wearing heels. I’ve lived in or around cities for the past seven years, meaning I do a lot of walking, which may be the reason for my heel neglect. However, I came across a piece of advice in another September glossy that said heels made to be seen so when you’re at your desk or walking to and from somewhere, wear flats. So every day this week, I’ve been carrying my heels in my bag and putting them on once I get to work.

Only time will tell how I truly feel about heels and if my habits change or not. All I know for now is conforming my feet to all my “new” shoes is painful! If anyone has any blister tips, let me know! Do you like wearing heels? How often do you wear them? Share your thoughts!

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  • Laura S

    DAMN girl, you’re brave! I’m definitely going into your archives to see how this went. For a while, when I first started wearing heels out a lot (I don’t know, beginning of high school?) I didn’t find it that bad, but for some reason, for the past few years, I’ve found heels SO DIFFICULT to wear. I literally last less than an hour in half of mine, the only exception being booties because they actually hold my feet in. It’s just hard to find heels that don’t pinch my feet but that also aren’t huge, because my feet are wide at the front but my heels and ankles are very narrow. Also, it’s almost impossible to find heels and shoes in general because, in heels, I’m a size 5.
    The idea of wearing your heels to important places only, like to work, is a good tip, but it’s kind of superfluous to me – I go to a university where a shitload of walking is involved, and I get to class, sit down in a theatre-like room where no one can see your feet, class ends, and then I run to the next class. So I don’t know when I’d actually switch my shoes, haha!
    I’m SO DOWN for heel-wearing tips, though. *sigh*
    – Laura
    PS: GLITTER GOLD PUMPS AAAAAAAAAAAH! (Those aren’t the ones you wore to your wedding, were they? I don’t think so…?)

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  • Catherine

    I love shoes too, but unfortunately I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. For years heels were totally out of the question. My meds now keep the symptoms down somewhat and I can wear some heels. I guess all of this changed my perspective and I don’t see why women torture themselves with the extreme heels in style right now. Still, I can’t seem to totally let go of style and go only for comfort. I struggle with finding cute footwear that gives me the support I need. Mostly I keep extra shoes at work and in my car for life’s shoe emergencies! I’m sure this is a common problem for women with other health problems as well.

  • Rita

    I do this already. Since my job involves a lot of travels I will be punishing myself to wear heels all day long. But I love my heels a lot and therefore I carry them with me, so that I can wear them when I can.

  • Bella Q, The Citizen Rosebud

    I love this concept as well. You do have to work at getting out of the comfort zone and throw on a pair of heels, and it is worth it! I’m dealing with this right now too- as I walk for miles in hilly terrain so those wedges are harder to wear, but I don’t want to despair- I will keep my feet shod in a stylish manner! Looking forward in seeing you rediscover your shoe love and wear your “big girl” shoes 5 days a week!

    • Courtney

      I hate walking long distances or more than 15 minutes in heels. I don’t see why people torture themselves with doing that! I’ve been having a lot of fun so far!

  • Arash Mazinani

    I love this concept and I think I’ve seen you mentioned it maybe on twitter or perhaps when I’ve passed by the blog before. But I’m really keen to see how you get on with this…

    • Courtney

      We’ll see how it goes! Since I wasn’t feeling well it kind of turned into only a week of wearing high heels, but I still learned a lot!

  • chiara

    I LOVE heels, and wear them everyday. Actually, my situation is the opposite of most women: I wear heels to go to and from work, and to lunch break, while in the lab I have to wear my lab shoes.- which are really unflattering.
    I got used to wearing my heels for walks too, or to run errands. I find if I buy good shoes, once they are broken-in (one-two usages) I don’t have the blister problem

    • Courtney

      You’re brave girl! I can see if you HAVE to wear unflattering shoes for work why you would want to wear heels at any other time.

  • Veshoevius

    Oooh looking forward to this one! I do the “wear flats between destinations and bring heels in bag to wear when I get there” all the time. There is no point in killing your knees and ruining your lovely heels pounding urban sidewalks. In fact I keep a desk drawer at the office full of heels to change into.

    • Courtney

      That’s awesome you keep a drawer of heels at work! I like walking in flats much more and think people set unrealistic expectations when they think they have to wear their heels everywhere.

  • Ashe @ Ash in Fashion

    I’ve long thought about doing something similar (just with ALL my shoes– like a different pair a day), so I’m really excited to see how you fare with this! In general, I’ve tried to stop buying heels as well, because I *don’t* wear them. So why not add more cute and versatile flats to the mix?

    • Courtney

      Oh me and my flats. Here’s my issue with flat: If I like them, I LOVE them, which means they fall apart within 3 months. On top of that, I am also on a budget and only buy new shoes when I “need” them. With that being said, I see no point to buy MORE shoes when I have a closet that stuffed with 11 pairs I don’t ever wear! It’s a tricky situation.

      Generally, I don’t buy new heels unless I need them (like for an event), but over the past five years of events, I’ve accumulated quite the collection! LOL