Upping Your Side Hustle with Veteran Thrifting-to-Resell Tips


Last week I had the pleasure of guest posting on Shoestring Mag, which is run by my good friend Melissa Massello. I shared my veteran tips about thrifting-to-sell online. Here’s just a quick excerpt, but you can pop on over to her blog to read the rest! You can also visit my shop to find some modern and vintage gems! Side Hustle: 6 Pro Tips

Stepping Into History at the Capital Hotel in Little Rock

Capital Hotel | Road Darling

My final road trip landed me in Little Rock, Arkansas. Like Hot Springs, Little Rock long held a spot on my “Must Visit” list. I had the opportunity to stay at the Capital Hotel*, which was, without exaggeration, the nicest and most elegant hotel I’ve ever stayed at. Renovated in the 1970s, the Capital Hotel has since made its name as the place to stay

Beautiful Hot Springs and My Stay at The Austin


One of the best parts about road tripping is finding new places to fall in love with. So much of the United States is stretches of chain stores, which gets monotonous. I get excited when I stumble across somewhere that doesn’t look like everywhere else, which is exactly why I LOVED Hot Springs, Arkansas. As I mentioned before, I had never been to Arkansas though

Dallas and The Magnolia Hotel: Where Past Meets Present


The first day of my road trip was the most eventful so far with vintage thrifting (more on this later!) and my first time in Dallas. I had the pleasure of staying at the Magnolia Hotel located in downtown Dallas.* The hotel building is what was once known as the Magnolia Petroleum Building, home to one of the icons of Dallas–the Flying Red Horse .

Real Talk: Travel Tips from Having to Pee to Trying to Find Target

Let’s talk road trip tips. Not the ones from books. Not the ones from AAA. Like real life ones. Where do you go to the bathroom? Where’s the Target?! These are REAL questions! Sure, the books will say to change the oil before a long road trip. They’ll give you safety tips, but what REALLY happens on a trip? That’s what people really need to